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About Us


Authentic Indian cuisine

Swaadisht (delicious in Hindi) offers authentic Indian cuisine with a little fusion. Anchored on the concept of “India in Manila”, its branches are a complete sensory experience of India—from the food, to its setting, even to its music. Each branch is a museum of sorts, showcasing photographs of Indian history and culture. It is a place Indian expats will feel nostalgic, while locals can learn to have an appreciation of the Indian culture.

Offering over 80 dishes, Swaadisht’s menu is as extensive and varied as it can get. It highlights Northern Indian cuisine while also featuring specialties from other regions of India as well as Indian-Chinese dishes. It has a wide variety of food choices, which will surely bring Indians back to their hometown, and take non-Indians on a memorable culinary experience.

India in Manila

Our flagship branch is in Citywalk 1 in Eastwood, a standalone store with two floors and an al fresco dining space with a modern flair. One can enjoy scrumptious authentic Indian cuisine in a relaxed dining space decorated to transport them back to India. 2024 saw the opening of our branch in Westgate, Alabang. With its spacious and modern interior, we proudly bring our authentic Indian cuisine to the South.


Our long term goals are to open more branches within and beyond the metro in the coming years, and to expand the business beyond our restaurants and catering services by opening the brand up for franchising, and engaging in packed foods manufacturing and importing.


Mission and Vision

To be the leading authentic Indian restaurant in the Philippines;
To get Indians nostalgic about their homeland by providing them a dining experience reminiscent of home;
To get locals and non-Indian expats to appreciate Indian culture and food.


To be the leading provider of an authentic Indian experience in the Philippines through food and dining.

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